Fête des 0 1

06 may 2006 - Labomedia

14h-22h EPN (ground floor)


Tuxtype and Drôle de Parcours competition : free educative games for childrens.



Introduction to the student's artistic workshops initiated by the C.R.O.U.S : a short movie realised with APCVL and audio creations with Labomedia.


Ewen Chardonnet present the movies he realised for the Makrolab and the Accoustic Space Lab, and share it's artistic experiences of relative flights from the Baikonour base.



Introducing the "Aéroneige" DVD realised by Labomedia about the artist's residence of Marie Denis (with the collaboration of MIXAR association). Discussion with the artist and exchange.



Numerical crib : bring your radioactiv children ! Mini games and animation movies : you can be quiet, we'll take care of them.

14h-19h ECM (3rd Floor)

Free Video Mixing Workshop with Julien Bellanger (Ping / Nantes) : using for primary materials the video streams from Cedric Doutriaux's installation.

The workshop will demontrate how you can use free and innovating software and Operating systems for creating videomixes (Gephex + Pd/PdP vs Apodio + Dynebolic)

Ping - Nantes

15h-19h C3 room (3rd Floor)

Interactive installation of radioactiv pixels recycling proposed by Frédéric Darmon [La Loge].

« Fœtus pelotés » : Gaëlle's installation.

15h-19h B3 room (2ème étage)

La tortue Magique get its Scopitone !!! Open entry workshop.

La Tortue Magique

18h30-20h30 Maison Bourgogne's court

Aperitif - Numerical Picnic : love decoction with bits inside and vegetable sandwiches.

Nais Buccelli's installation for filling audio environment featuring le Poulpe from APO33.

WebTv's broadcasting Labomedia.

APO33 La Tortue Magique

20h30-00h30 Maison Bourgogne's hall

Cédric Doutriaux's interactive installation inspired from Slovaquie.

« Tv, mon beau miroir » : interactive installation from Labomedia.

« Le vidéoTon II » : participative installation from Labomedia.


20h30-00h30 Maison Bourgogne's court


Frog pocket (planet-mu/benbecula/mouthmoth)

Frog Pocket


Dominique VS Fenshu VS Paul (Lyrical Chant VS Computer VS chinese violon).


Sémaphore ~ Ewen Chardonnet + Gaelle Angelis (scanner, satellite interception VS prepared bass and bending circuit).



CHDH (Pure Data audio-visual performance).



Tim Exile (Electro GB / Planet-Mu Records).

Tim Exile


Sgur£ (intellectual decline).


20h42-01h00 Modeling workshop room (ground floor)


Musical reading from Geraldine Godmer, text from Sophie Beaudeuf (Interlope company).


Gast Fall (arranged analog electronic).

Tim Exile


Fucking System – unslung audio-visual improvisation.

21h00-23h00 Salle C12 (2nd floor)

The Sample study Laboratory install an audio machine which is a mix with a Laptop BigBand and arranged sounds.

A special installation will enable to see or to listen to the Labomedia's operators.

21h32-00h49 Salle B8 (1st floor)

Lutin1er VS Général Midi propose an audio-visual in 3 dimensions : quadriphony and stereoscopy in da place.

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L’association Labomedia organise pour la 3ème fois la Fête des 01 le samedi 06 mai 06 sur le thème de « TchernoBit, mon amour ».

La Maison Bourgogne, ancienne chocolaterie d’Orléans, se transforme pour l’occasion en boîte à malices sonores et visuelles : des installations, des projections, des ateliers, des performances musicales, théâtrales, poétiques, le tout agrémenté de convivialité et arrosé de pixels radioactifs pour « fêter » Tchernobyl amoureusement.

Cet événement est l’occasion pour Labomedia d’inviter des artistes « multimedia », pluridisciplinaires, tournés vers l’appropriation critique et bricolée des technologies « numériques » et « analogiques », occasion également d’extraire des ordinateurs les productions de l’année que nous avons pu accompagner, ou auxquelles nous avons contribué.

Cette année, une collaboration avec Radio Campus sera nouée autour de la catastrophe de Tchernobyl pour constituer une semaine d’animations, conférences, expositions, performances audiovisuelles qui se clôturera en réinjectant un peu d’amour dans le binaire déterminisme de la Fête des 01.

Fete des 01 - Labomedia

On the 6th of May 2006, Labomedia will hold its third annual edition of the « Fête des 01 » (01 Festival), This year the central theme of the event is « TchernoBit, mon amour ». The Maison Bourgogne, a former chocolate factory located in Orléans, will be transformed into an audio and visual Pandora’s box: installations, projections, workshops, music, theatre, and poetry performances.

The whole event will generate conviviality and spread radioactive pixels to commemorate the Chernobyl disaster, with a positive and loving approach. Labomedia regards this event as an opportunity to invite multimedia and versatile artists who have a critical and DIY approach of “numerical” and “analogical” technologies.

Labomedia will also present various productions, supported projects and collaborations of the ‘association’ for 2006.

This year, Labomedia in association with Radio Campus will create one week of animations, conferences, exhibitions, and multimedia performances dedicated to the Chernobyl disaster. This theme week will end up with the injection of a little love in the binary determinism of the 01 Festival.

Fete des 01 - Labomedia
Fete des 0.1